Dog Daycare


At Urban Dog, our dog daycare is a fun and safe environment for all dogs that stroll through our doors. Dogs get unlimited play within customized groups, devised for their comfort and enjoyment. Our unique set-up allows us to handpick groups to ensure healthy play between dogs that get along. Groups change daily depending on dogs attending and their moods on that day.

Dog Wranglers provide constant supervision as well as cuddle time and games of fetch. There are also Little Tykes playsets and a bubble machine for those with extra energy and dexterity. Our mission is to make sure your furry family member burns as much energy possible before you take them home.

Dog Daycare

  • Full Day: 7am-9pm

During a full day of dog care, your dog gets to play with dogs that they like and get along with.

  • Half Day: Up to 5 hours

This is a less expensive alternative for those who still want their dogs to blow off some steam. These dogs may or may not get a nap.

  • Workout: Up to 2 hours

A workout lets your dog work off excess energy while you work off yours at the gym or by running errands.

  • Field Trips: Customized

Field trips are extracurricular activities such as hikes and romps on the beach. All dogs are leashed at all times for their safety. Currently, hikes are Mondays and Thursdays.

  • Nap Time: Between 12pm-2pm

Customizable Space

At our dog daycare, we understand that sometimes a dog just isn't in the mood and wants to be left alone. That's why our space is completely customizable and can change throughout the day. In fact, those less social dogs are rotated between kennel runs and individual playpens with one or two specially chosen playmates. This allows their dog daycare experience to be more enjoyable.

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