Home is Where the Dog is

Dogs truly are man's best friends and for good reason. They bring immeasurable joy to your home, life, and family. Give them a little attention and they will reward you with unconditional love. To us, a dog is a not a pet, but rather a furry member of the family. Not all dogs get to experience the warmth and safety of a loving home which is why we are so passionate about our dog adoption program.

Urban Dog Rescue Fund

Lend a helping hand! To make contributions, please send us your donations by check made payable to Urban Dog at 1909 Pontius Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025 or set up automatic payments.

Dog Adoption: Adoptees

Become a member of the Urban Dog adoptive family and you'll get 50% off on all doggy playcare and basic boarding for the life of your dog. Please call us at (310) 445-1447 if you are interested in our dog adoption program. All of our dogs are micro-chipped, fully vaccinated and sprayed or neutered. Along with the 50% discount you receive for adopting our fosters, many of them receiving training during their stay. The training, proper care, and vaccination allows for a smoother transition into your home. Want to get familiar with your future companion? Be sure to stop by and get acquainted.