A Day of Beauty

Your dog receives the full spa treatment from nose to tail. We want your dog to look and feel good and our dog grooming gives your beloved pet the opportunity to not only get cleaned but pampered as well.

Our Dog GroomingServices include: shampoo, cream rinse, manicure, pedicure, ear cleaning and a blow dry. Anal glands are not emptied unless requested. Medicated and aromatherapy shampoos are also available by request.

Chihuahuas start at $45

Labradors at $50

Goldens or long hair at $65

Newfouldlands, Collins, etc. at $75 and up depending on the condition of the coat.

Please note that difficult dogs are more.

Nails are $10

Brushouts are $20 and up depending on the coat

Please note that unfortunately we do not provide haircuts.